Ongoing exploitation of Arizona’s immigrant family by law enforcement and elected officials.

Case Background:

Officer Brian M. Schwartz and former Officer Brian T. Therrien are fraudsters that have acted corruptly and engaged in ongoing organized crime under the guise of an undercover investigation at the expense of taxpayers. Their ongoing crimes include but not limited to bribery, blackmail, coercion, burglary, vandalism, assault, fraud, and theft. Both men are working with a prosecutor whose name and law enforcement affiliation is unknown at this time. The men belong to a broader government racketeering enterprise operating on behalf of select corporations.

You can read the racketeering charge pending in Federal Court:Here

For over two years, Officer Schwartz has attempted to control my actions through my family. His agreement with my former employer, the Vanguard Group, is to engage in criminal acts until I abandon my case in Federal Court. Schwartz’s initial tactics involved bribery. He exploited impoverished immigrant family members seeking permanency In the United States by offering them Visas. In return, they were to provide him with embarrassing information about me that he could use in a smear campaign to discredit my claims. What family did not know, was that Schwartz would attempt to use them to fabricate evidence of substance abuse and mental illness to derail criminal investigations.

When my family realized Schwartz’s plan involved causing my son and I physical harm, and they refused to participate, Schwartz resorted to forceful tactics such as coercion, blackmail, threats, and intimidation to gain their continued participation. If they hesitated, Schwartz threatened to cause financial, economic, and at times, physical harm.

Ongoing coercion and blackmail of family members.

Mr. Schwartz continues to force my immediate family to act against their will by derailing criminal investigations. As members of the media and investigative bodies have sought additional information about my allegations, Mr. Schwartz coerced my family into making false statements and misrepresenting material facts that my claims are the result of mental illness. If my family does not comply, they jeopardize their safety.

Mr. Schwartz continues to obstruct my efforts to speak with members of the media and regulatory bodies. Ongoing efforts include blackmailing my sister into impersonating me to anyone acting in an investigative to derail criminal investigations.
Members of the media and law enforcement outside of the state should conduct face to face communications only. As of today October 16, 2017, I have not spoken with members of the media, or law enforcement about the allegations against both men.

As a result of derailed investigations, Mr. Schwartz continues to lead ongoing assault efforts against my son (minor) and I.




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