When Arizona Law Enforcement Officers Lie.

Are you familiar with the case in which a wife hired a hit man to murder her husband? The operation was discovered by FBI agents who went undercover to conduct an investigation. The story went viral after a video released showed an epic performance of a weeping wife upon being informed by officers that her husband was dead. You can view the here.

If we could read the hearts and minds of people, I would imagine our society would be a much better place. The incident reminds us of the Grimm reality that people exist that are deceitfully wicked. Some resort to crimes often fueled by greed for personal gain.

When the detestable obtains a badge.

I wish I could report that people who are morally and ethically bankrupt did not make it into law enforcement, but that would be false information. Similar to the performance of the would-be widow, the nation was shocked as video surfaced of an officer disabling his body camera to plant drugs to frame an innocent citizen. The video went viral because the officer was unaware that his body camera automatically activated capturing the planting of the evidence. The epic performance occurred when the officer turned on his camera and pretended to discover the evidence he had just planted. You can watch the video here.

Encountering the rare and difficult to believe.

In the absence of the videos, few people would believe the stories previously described. Particularly the story of the officer. Few humans operate in a realm with no ethical or moral compass, and comprehending the behaviors of those that do, is difficult. In both stories previously mentioned, each party was willing to rob another human of their right to life, liberty, and their pursuit of happiness for their personal gain.

Victimized by the immoral

Most people will live their life and never meet another human similar to either party. For me, I became the victim of a criminal enterprise where encountering such personality traits became a daily occurrence. If you have not read my latest filing in Federal Court, you can do so here.. In a nutshell, my former employer, the Vanguard Group, belongs to a racketeering enterprise that use law enforcement as a protection racket. In the simplest terms, law enforcement illegally protects several corporations by retaliating against whistleblowers and other employees that bring legal action against their firms. If the officer is successful in getting the whistleblower to abandon their claims, they are financially compensated.

I became and continued to be the target of a private investigator not licensed to operate in the state of Arizona, a police officer in Maricopa County Arizona, and a prosecutor who is believed to be employed by the Attorney General’s office. All of whom continue to operate in the realm of the behaviors previously described. No lie has been too great, no crime too egregious, and no victim too small to harm if they got in the way of the men accomplishing their agenda to obtain their financial reward.

The Lies.

To cover their crimes, the officer, prosecutor, and investigator told members of the media and law enforcement that:

1. I am suffering from an opioid addiction. First, please note that I have never suffered from any form of addiction in the past or present. The accusation is not only implausible because I don’t take opioids, but basic evidence support my claims that the men are frauds. First, it is highly unlikely that an opioid addict would continue to bring attention to local law enforcement agencies such as the Scottsdale Police Department who failed to investigate reported crimes, nor would I continue to contact law enforcement agencies such as the FBI to report the ongoing crimes. It is also highly unlikely that someone ruled by an opioid addiction would dedicate time to document ongoing criminal acts through blogging. None of the men can produce a single witness that could confirm an addiction of any kind.

2. My complaints are the result of a mental illness causing “delusional and paranoid thoughts. For this lie, the men use ongoing force to obtain false testimony from my immediate family. Family members who are contacted by the media or law enforcement are coached into misrepresenting material facts, or blatantly providing false information to obstruct criminal investigations. I encourage trained law enforcement officials to look for signs of coerced testimony when questioning family members.

The most telling bit of evidence is the ongoing use of my sister, Antoinette Dehaney, to impede criminal investigations. Ms. Dehaney has been consistently used to impersonate me to members of the media and law enforcement. During her interactions, Ms. Dehaney acts mentally unstable by making bizarre comments about aliens and other odd topics to dissuade investigators from continuing their investigations. Due to the ongoing fraud involved, I have asked persons acting in an investigative capacity to communicate face to face with anyone claiming to be Aj James. I also continue to update the dates on previous post to show that I have not spoken with persons acting in an investigative capacity.

The crimes.

The crimes led by Schwartz have gradually become more violent overtime. The details of some crimes are too sensitive to discuss in details via the web. Schwartz and Therrien, who continue to reside in the townhome next to my home, pose an imminent threat to safety of My son and I. In general, the crimes that continue include burglary, theft, fraud, vandalism, and various assault efforts.

Maricopa County Police Officer operating under the name of Brian M. Schwartz.


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