As a victim of crime, I became engaged in the political process.

On Saturday September 23, 2017 I spent the day on the campaign trail with Libertarian candidate for Governor in Arizona, Merissa Hamilton. After gaining knowledge of the corruption that exists between corporations and high ranking elected officials in Arizona, I felt compelled to get engaged in the political process.

After reporting my former employer, The Vanguard Group to various government agencies for illegal activities, I became the victim of a criminal enterprise. The enterprise is led by high ranking elected officials who use their roles to operate illegally on behalf of corporations. Corrupt members of Law enforcement are used by the enterprise to retaliate against whistleblowers and employees that bring serious allegations against companies that are members of the enterprise. For more information about the continued crimes against my family and I which are led by law enforcement, you can read the RICO portion of my case pending in Federal court here.

I was thrilled to join the campaign team of a candidate that understands the level of corruption that exist in corporations and Arizona’s Government. It has been refreshing to join forces with qualified candidates that operate with the highest degree of integrity, and who refuse to place politics above the safety of our communities and families.

Photo’s from the Campaign Trail in Kingman, Arizona.


Leveraging my blog to destroy racial stereotypes

I’ve made numerous attempts over the last year to contact Investigative reporters and law enforcement agencies such as the FBI regarding the allegations in my blog. As the lawsuit indicates, the officer leading retaliatory efforts on behalf of Vanguard continues to use his role to obstruct criminal investigations. Fraudulently operating under the guise of an undercover drug investigation, the officer uses racial stereotypes to make his false allegations of drug use appear real. As of today, October 13, 2017, I have not spoken with members of the media or law enforcement agencies such as the FBI about the allegations in my blog.

In an ongoing effort to obstruct criminal investigations, the officer continues to coerce a family member into impersonating me to the media and law enforcement. To combat such efforts, I am requesting that law enforcement agents and members of the media seeking additional information conduct face to face interviews regarding the allegations in my blog only. In the interim, my blog serves as a communication tool in which I can dispel stereotypes and fraudulent information the officer has provided to law enforcement agencies conducting a criminal investigation. Investigators who are unable to contact me by phone may attempt to contact me at community events (a list of regular community events that I attend is forthcoming), or by visiting my home in Scottsdale, Arizona. My address is listed on court documents. You can read additional information about the tactics used by the officer to obstruct criminal investigations here.

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