Arizona Officer instructs staged phone calls to obstruct criminal investigation into his crimes.

On Monday, September 25, 2017, I received a phone call from my father, Joseph Dehaney. He said he had attempted to contact me since Saturday, September 24, but was unsuccessful. My phone records only indicate his missed calls from Sunday. Unlike calls from the media or law enforcement agencies, calls from family members typically come through on my phone, especially “staged calls.”As I mentioned in several previous blogs, one of which you can read here ,the prosecutor and police officer have threatened to cause my family physical and economic harm if they do not assist them in covering their crimes. Upon returning my fathers call, I could immediately discern that the call was staged. Family members are typically forced to participate in forced staged calls to manufacture fraudulent evidence of a drug addiction.

Historically, my family and I rarely speak on the phone. It’s even rarer for my father to call unless he needs to communicate important information. With such context in mind, you can understand why I found his comment of ” when I am unable to contact you I am worried” bizarre. With no pretext, he also broadly mentioned being concerned about my son. Every family member is aware of the threats that we all have received about the harm that befall my son if I did not remain silent, but my father and I rarely discuss such threats. Instead, the staged comment could be used to misrepresent material facts. In the past, the officer has used such staged conversations to falsely indicate a drug addiction that does not exist. To misrepresent material facts, the officer could play the recording for members of the media and law enforcement, and falsely claim that my father was concerned because I am “so overtaken by my addiction”, which prevented me from answering my phone. The officer could also falsely indicate that my addiction caused me to neglect my son, which prompted my father’s concern for my son. In actuality, my son was at his father’s house on Saturday where he was scheduled to be, and I spent the weekend on the campaign trail with Libertarian candidate for Governor, Merissa Hamilton. You can see some of the photos from the campaign trail visit to Kingman, Arizona here.Such false allegations seem egregious and far fetched, yet such fraudulent behaviors have been common practice for the officer operating under the name of Brian Schwartz.

That officer has staged similar recordings around my employment status. As my Federal Court case indicate, the officer has engaged in blacklisting as a form of retaliation. Not only in the financial industry, but with numerous Arizona employers in an attempt to cause economic harm. Despite such practices, I have remained financially independent of my family, relying on my saving that I have accumulated over the last eight years for everyday expenses. On a number of occasions, the officer forced family members to engage in staged recorded conversations that he could use to indicate that I am not working due to an addiction, and financially dependent on my family. Such allegations are false.

Members of the Media and Law Enforcement Agents seeking additional information.

Law enforcement officials and investigative reporters seeking additional information from family regarding the allegations within my blog should schedule time to speak with the entire family in person. My family fears for their safety and are not willing to expose wrongdoing that will further place them in harm’s way. Trained law enforcement agents should ask questions to discern blackmail, extortion, and coercion.

I will continue to reach out to the media and law enforcement, and I will continue to ask friends to do the same on my behalf. As of today October 17, 2017. I have not had the opportunity to take speak with an investigative reporter, or an FBI agent about the allegations in my blog. The officer and prosecutor continue to obstruct my ability to communicate with persons acting in an investigative capacity, so my blog remains my primary means of communicating ongoing crimes.


Saturday September 23,2017 Kingman, Arizona.


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