RICO Fraud Scheme involving Arizona State Agencies.


Officer Brian M. Schwartz and former Officer Brian T. Therrien are fraudsters that have acted corruptly and engaged in ongoing organized crime under the guise of an undercover investigation at the expense of taxpayers. Their ongoing crimes include but not limited to bribery, blackmail, coercion, burglary, vandalism, assault, fraud, and theft. Both men are working with a prosecutor whose name and law enforcement affiliation is unknown at this time. However, prediscovery information suggests that he is employed by the Attorney General’s Office. The men belong to a broader government racketeering enterprise that operates secretly on behalf of corporations.

During the course of their ongoing RICO crimes, the officer operating under the name of Brian Schwartz used numerous state agencies to engage in various fraud schemes. The ultimate goal of each scheme was to manufacture evidence supporting his false claim of a drug addiction.

The use of Arizona Department of Child Services for fraudulent purpose.

If you have not had the opportunity to read the RICO claims involved in my case in Federal Court, you can do so here. My ex-husband, Marvin James, accepted gifts at the expense of taxpayers in exchange for assisting Schwartz in filing fraudulent claims in family court and with DCS. Immediately after going public about the allegations against Vanguard and their illegal use of law enforcement, my ex-husband was coerced into filing false claims in family court and with DCS claiming neglect. Even though DCS played no role in my case in family court, Schwartz used the false report he instructed my ex-husband to file to mislead members of the media. Specifically, Schwartz falsely informed members of the media that DCS removed my son from my home as a result of substance abuse. DCS has never removed my son from my home, nor have I ever been the subject of allegations with their agency involving substance abuse. Schwartz is an established pathological liar with complete disregard for the consequences his false information has on his victims.

Threats to use DCS for retaliatory purposes

After my ex-husband filed the fraudulent complaint with DCS, I received numerous electronic  threats that my son would be removed from my home, placed in foster care, and abused if I did not abandon my case against Vanguard. Having knowledge of the men’s involvement in a larger racketeering enterprise, I began my research on the removal of children by DCS from safe homes for retaliatory reasons, or for profit. It didn’t take very long to meet an overwhelming number of parents who were victimized by fraud schemes involving DCS. In fact, Arizona’s DCS had the highest removal rate of children in the U.S. Victimized parents were falsely branded as addicts or mentally ill to discredit their claims of fraud or other misconduct by the agency. Perhaps one of the most disturbing trends were parents who were forced to complete a psychiatric evaluation with predetermined doctors. The goal, of course, was to diagnose the parent with a mental illness that would support DCS’s decision to remove their child. Even though my circumstances differ from many of the parents I contacted, the tactics of fraud were the same. Schwartz made egregious false allegations regarding my mental health, and attempted to use tactics such as bribery and extortion to obtain documents to support his claims. On a number of occasions, he blackmailed a family member into making bizarre false claims that “I have imaginary friends, hear voices, and believe in alien life” Such ridiculous allegations are false and intended to derail and investigations.

The use of Arizona Public Schools for fraudulent purposes.

As the lawsuit indicates, under the guise of an undercover investigation, Schwartz attempted to use my son’s school for fraudulent purposes. Recent incidents of fraud, racial discrimination and retaliation involving my son’s school will be discussed in a separate blog.

Notifying Investigative Bodies and the Media.

The allegations within my blog are serious and impact not only the safety of my family and I, but Arizona citizens as a whole. As a result, I am persistent in my attempts to contact regulatory bodies and members of the media. Unfortunately, Schwartz continues to engage in fraud and other crimes to obstruct criminal investigations from moving forward. Recent efforts include blocking incoming calls from persons acting in an investigative capacity, making false statements regarding my mental health and substance abuse to the FBI and the media, and forcing family members to respond to investigative inquiries to stop or derail investigations. Members of the media and persons working for a regulatory organizations are encouraged to conduct face to face inquiries about the allegations within my blog. As of today, October 7, 2017, I have not had the opportunity to speak with members of the media or any person acting in an investigative capacity.

Other ways to contact me.

Schwartz’s fraud scheme can only succeed if he is able to obstruct my communications with persons acting in an investigative capacity. Persons seeking additional information about the allegations within my blog that are not able to contact me via phone, may contact me at a DCS Oversight Committee meeting. Our meetings are held online on Saturdays, and the next meeting will be on Saturday, October 14, 2017, at 4:00pm MST at the following web address:https://zoom.us/j/5830716745

Due to the fraud involved in my case, persons acting in an investigative capacity should also become familiar with my physical appearance. For identification purposes, the following video is a brief communication that was sent to DCS Oversight Committee.



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