Arizona Officer instructs racial discrimination against a minor in public school.

Over the last few weeks, my son reported several incidents in which another student referred to him as a “nigger”, and other derogatory terms. After I became the victim of organized crime led by a police officer two years ago, my son became the victim of various orchestrated bullying efforts. Overtime, the faces of the students changed, but acting on the instruction of an adult to engage in racial discrimination remained consistent. The incidents always occurred during times that I disclosed information revealing organized crime or political corruption involving law enforcement or elected officials. Even though we know that greed and can cause a person to act in desperation, it remains shocking that an adult would instruct others to inflict harm on an innocent child. It’s even more shocking when the person accused of inflicting harm on a child is a sworn officer.

Sheriff kills himself during child sex probe

The Federal lawsuit alleging RICO made it clear that Schwartz’s crimes extended to my son’s school. Under the guise of conducting an undercover investigation, Schwartz instructed efforts which threatened the safety and wellbeing of my son, in hopes of controlling my actions. In addition to enduring repeated racial slurs, there were numerous instances where Schwartz attempted to use my son’s school to manufacture evidence to support his fraudulent claims. My son, who had no prior disciplinary actions such as detention, became the subject of increased security. We endured periods in which my son was repeatedly punished for minor offenses not punishable for other students. The incidents typically occurred in times where Schwartz was questioned about the allegations against him. For example, on October 3, 2017, my son forgot his badge at home. He was approached by the Vice Principal of the school and asked to obtain a temporary badge. He informed the vice principal that he would obtain a temporary badge after lunch, because if he did so then, he would miss lunch. The Vice Principal interrupted my son’s lunch upon observing that he had no badge, sent him to the office, and accused him of being defiant for waiting until after he ate to obtain a badge.

Such incidents became frequent in times where Schwartz was questioned for misconduct, and were clearly intended to generate documents to support a false narrative that my son was a “problem child”. Such incidents were carried out with disregard for his emotional and psychological being.

Racial discrimination on behalf of employers

Racial discrimination as a form of retaliation by the enterprise is a common occurrence. The discriminatory acts are carried out by members of the enterprise, which permits employers to deny involvement, thus avoid liability. The discriminatory acts are often egregious and involve offensive derogatory terms. In Summer of 2015 during a visit from my cousin living in another state, the words “nigger luvin cousin” appeared on my screen after a conducting a google search on “discrimination cases at Vanguard”. I was aware that I had become the victim of hacking, but it was the first incident revealing search engine manipulation, and one of the first incidents which produced physical evidence linking the hackers to Vanguard. A screenshot is available below.

*I should note that the website took me to a legitimate Vanguard page.


As of today October 21, 2017, I have not spoken with persons operating in an investigative capacity from the media or the FBI. I will continue documenting my experience, litigating in court, and reaching out to the media to ensure that my son and I enjoy our constitutional right of feeling safe, and the responsible parties are held accountable for their crimes.


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