Email sent to Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton reporting Brain Schwartz’s involvement in recent assault of a woman.


Over the past six months, I sent several communications to Phoenix Mayor, Greg Stanton, informing him of Phoenix Police Officer, Brian Schwartz’s ongoing involvement in organized crime which targets my family and I. If Mayor Stanton’s office conducted an inquiry into my allegations, as of today October 21, 2017, I have not received a response, nor have I spoken with anyone at his office with the ability to review my allegations. Today, Mayor Stanton was sent another email informing him of recent incidents of assault which involved Schwartz, or occurred at his instruction. Portions of the email identifying participants can be found below, however, information detailing incidents of assault which are inappropriate for all audiences has been redacted for my protection . The incidents of Assault in reference occurred on October 5th and 6th.

Suspects in Assault efforts

In addition to Brian M. Schwartz and Brian T. Therrien, the following persons whose name remain unknown, were involved in the incidents of assault :

(1) A black male residing at 6122 N. 79st in Scottsdale who drives a black Honda Accord with a plate# BWW4705. The suspect is believed to be a felon with previous sex offenses.”

(2) A white male residing at 6124 N. 79st in Scottsdale and drives a 2014 Acua with a the plate number#103971A.

Physical Assault

“A private investigator by the name of Brian Therrien is working with Schwartz. Therrien, who is not a licensed investigator in Arizona, engaged in acts of physical assault while the victim was unconscious. Therrien worked with a male that resides at 6124 N. 79th in Scottsdale and drives a 2014 Acura with a plate number#103971A. During Both incidents, while James was unconscious, the men used an object to cause significant damage to plaintiff’s dental bridge at the front of her mouth. The bridge, which cost James 20k, has been the subject of previous assault efforts in an attempt to cause James financial loss. An object was used to saw the bridge which caused a fracture. From the fracture, it was clear that the sawing was done with the intent to remove a portion of the bridge. A space was also created at the front left of the bridge. The screws which are used to secure the bridge were loosened, which made it difficult for James to consume foods. As a means of threatening and intimidating James, she received several electronic notifications mocking the damage to her bridge, before and after the damage was done.”

Threats of other damage

“Over that last two months, James received several indirect threats of the damage that would be done to her car. Following the incidents of assault on October 5th and 6th, on October 7, James placed a poster in her car containing photos of Schwartz and Therrien. The poster alerted neighbors that Schwartz and Therrien instructed, or participated in assault efforts against James. On that same day, James’s car would not start. Upon inspection, It was clear that someone tampered with the wiring on the vehicle, and damaged the starter. James received several indirect communications in which the men took credit for the damage and threaten to do additional damage to another Vehicle James is currently driving. Mocking statements involved threats that James would need to take a cab.

The Scottsdale Police Department

“Previous reports of assault  to the Scottsdale Police Department have not been investigated. Schwartz, along with the prosecutor, advised the Scottsdale Police Department that no investigation was necessary. The FBI has jurisdiction over investigating corruption and organized crime, however, Schwartz and the prosecutor continue to use various fraudulent tactics to obstruct criminal investigations.

In Hiding
Suspects that have been reported to law enforcement and the media have begun parking their vehicles in an unknown location. Schwartz, in particular, is known to drive different vehicles and park in an unknown location. Even though there are photos that show Schwartz at 6124 N. 79 st, he remains unseen while conducting surveillance.


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