I began my career at The Vanguard Group in Scottsdale Arizona as a contracted employee in or around December 2007. I was hired by Vanguard directly in April of 2008. During my career at Vanguard, I received outstanding employee evaluations, numerous awards, and remained on Vanguard’s “Talent List”(top performing employees). Through dedication and hard work I received several promotions and was ultimately promoted to management in 2012. It was during my time in management that I became aware of a pattern of racial discrimination and retaliation. As a direct result of raising concerns of racial discrimination, sexual harassment, and other unlawful activities at Vanguard, I was terminated on July 17th, 2015.

Outside of work, I became the victim of Organized Crime which led to the discovery of a Racketeering Enterprise operating in Arizona on behalf of various employers including Vanguard.

About the Racketeering Enterprise in Arizona

Through a combination of personal experience and confidential sources, I discovered that a group of high-ranking elected government officials ran a racketeering enterprise to protect various business in Arizona that contributed to their election campaign. One of the primary roles of the enterprise is to retaliate against employees that file complaints or bring legal action against the companies protected by the enterprise. The other role of the enterprise is to assist participating companies in sophisticated fraud schemes for profits.

The enterprise operates secretly, and retaliation efforts are carried out under the guise of a legitimate investigation for some manufactured form of wrongdoing. The investigation is used to retaliate against the target employee until they abandon their claim. The investigation is also used to silence witnesses through bribery, blackmail, and extortion.

The racketeering enterprise is led by Governors, County Attorneys, Police Chiefs and other high-ranking members of law enforcement. The officials use the entities they oversee and local business involved in the enterprise to retaliate and commit various forms of fraud. The most common means of fraud that I experienced is manufacturing evidence then creating fraudulent documents to support created evidence. False documents were also created to cover wrong doing. The entities include but not limited to:

-Public Schools
-State and Private Hospitals
– The United States Postal Service

When the retaliation efforts rose to the level of criminal harassment, and members of law enforcement refused to investigate or permit me to report crimes that would expose high ranking elected officials involved in the enterprise, I went public on social media.