Arizona Officer instructs staged phone calls to obstruct criminal investigation into his crimes.

On Monday, September 25, 2017, I received a phone call from my father, Joseph Dehaney. He said he had attempted to contact me since Saturday, September 24, but was unsuccessful. My phone records only indicate his missed calls from Sunday. Unlike calls from the media or law enforcement agencies, calls from family members typically come through on my phone, especially “staged calls.”As I mentioned in several previous blogs, one of which you can read here ,the prosecutor and police officer have threatened to cause my family physical and economic harm if they do not assist them in covering their crimes. Upon returning my fathers call, I could immediately discern that the call was staged. Family members are typically forced to participate in forced staged calls to manufacture fraudulent evidence of a drug addiction.

Historically, my family and I rarely speak on the phone. It’s even rarer for my father to call unless he needs to communicate important information. With such context in mind, you can understand why I found his comment of ” when I am unable to contact you I am worried” bizarre. With no pretext, he also broadly mentioned being concerned about my son. Every family member is aware of the threats that we all have received about the harm that befall my son if I did not remain silent, but my father and I rarely discuss such threats. Instead, the staged comment could be used to misrepresent material facts. In the past, the officer has used such staged conversations to falsely indicate a drug addiction that does not exist. To misrepresent material facts, the officer could play the recording for members of the media and law enforcement, and falsely claim that my father was concerned because I am “so overtaken by my addiction”, which prevented me from answering my phone. The officer could also falsely indicate that my addiction caused me to neglect my son, which prompted my father’s concern for my son. In actuality, my son was at his father’s house on Saturday where he was scheduled to be, and I spent the weekend on the campaign trail with Libertarian candidate for Governor, Merissa Hamilton. You can see some of the photos from the campaign trail visit to Kingman, Arizona here.Such false allegations seem egregious and far fetched, yet such fraudulent behaviors have been common practice for the officer operating under the name of Brian Schwartz.

That officer has staged similar recordings around my employment status. As my Federal Court case indicate, the officer has engaged in blacklisting as a form of retaliation. Not only in the financial industry, but with numerous Arizona employers in an attempt to cause economic harm. Despite such practices, I have remained financially independent of my family, relying on my saving that I have accumulated over the last eight years for everyday expenses. On a number of occasions, the officer forced family members to engage in staged recorded conversations that he could use to indicate that I am not working due to an addiction, and financially dependent on my family. Such allegations are false.

Members of the Media and Law Enforcement Agents seeking additional information.

Law enforcement officials and investigative reporters seeking additional information from family regarding the allegations within my blog should schedule time to speak with the entire family in person. My family fears for their safety and are not willing to expose wrongdoing that will further place them in harm’s way. Trained law enforcement agents should ask questions to discern blackmail, extortion, and coercion.

I will continue to reach out to the media and law enforcement, and I will continue to ask friends to do the same on my behalf. As of today October 17, 2017. I have not had the opportunity to take speak with an investigative reporter, or an FBI agent about the allegations in my blog. The officer and prosecutor continue to obstruct my ability to communicate with persons acting in an investigative capacity, so my blog remains my primary means of communicating ongoing crimes.


Saturday September 23,2017 Kingman, Arizona.


As a victim of crime, I became engaged in the political process.

On Saturday September 23, 2017 I spent the day on the campaign trail with Libertarian candidate for Governor in Arizona, Merissa Hamilton. After gaining knowledge of the corruption that exists between corporations and high ranking elected officials in Arizona, I felt compelled to get engaged in the political process.

After reporting my former employer, The Vanguard Group to various government agencies for illegal activities, I became the victim of a criminal enterprise. The enterprise is led by high ranking elected officials who use their roles to operate illegally on behalf of corporations. Corrupt members of Law enforcement are used by the enterprise to retaliate against whistleblowers and employees that bring serious allegations against companies that are members of the enterprise. For more information about the continued crimes against my family and I which are led by law enforcement, you can read the RICO portion of my case pending in Federal court here.

I was thrilled to join the campaign team of a candidate that understands the level of corruption that exist in corporations and Arizona’s Government. It has been refreshing to join forces with qualified candidates that operate with the highest degree of integrity, and who refuse to place politics above the safety of our communities and families.

Photo’s from the Campaign Trail in Kingman, Arizona.


Leveraging my blog to destroy racial stereotypes

I’ve made numerous attempts over the last year to contact Investigative reporters and law enforcement agencies such as the FBI regarding the allegations in my blog. As the lawsuit indicates, the officer leading retaliatory efforts on behalf of Vanguard continues to use his role to obstruct criminal investigations. Fraudulently operating under the guise of an undercover drug investigation, the officer uses racial stereotypes to make his false allegations of drug use appear real. As of today, October 13, 2017, I have not spoken with members of the media or law enforcement agencies such as the FBI about the allegations in my blog.

In an ongoing effort to obstruct criminal investigations, the officer continues to coerce a family member into impersonating me to the media and law enforcement. To combat such efforts, I am requesting that law enforcement agents and members of the media seeking additional information conduct face to face interviews regarding the allegations in my blog only. In the interim, my blog serves as a communication tool in which I can dispel stereotypes and fraudulent information the officer has provided to law enforcement agencies conducting a criminal investigation. Investigators who are unable to contact me by phone may attempt to contact me at community events (a list of regular community events that I attend is forthcoming), or by visiting my home in Scottsdale, Arizona. My address is listed on court documents. You can read additional information about the tactics used by the officer to obstruct criminal investigations here.

When Arizona Law Enforcement Officers Lie.

Are you familiar with the case in which a wife hired a hit man to murder her husband? The operation was discovered by FBI agents who went undercover to conduct an investigation. The story went viral after a video released showed an epic performance of a weeping wife upon being informed by officers that her husband was dead. You can view the here.

If we could read the hearts and minds of people, I would imagine our society would be a much better place. The incident reminds us of the Grimm reality that people exist that are deceitfully wicked. Some resort to crimes often fueled by greed for personal gain.

When the detestable obtains a badge.

I wish I could report that people who are morally and ethically bankrupt did not make it into law enforcement, but that would be false information. Similar to the performance of the would-be widow, the nation was shocked as video surfaced of an officer disabling his body camera to plant drugs to frame an innocent citizen. The video went viral because the officer was unaware that his body camera automatically activated capturing the planting of the evidence. The epic performance occurred when the officer turned on his camera and pretended to discover the evidence he had just planted. You can watch the video here.

Encountering the rare and difficult to believe.

In the absence of the videos, few people would believe the stories previously described. Particularly the story of the officer. Few humans operate in a realm with no ethical or moral compass, and comprehending the behaviors of those that do, is difficult. In both stories previously mentioned, each party was willing to rob another human of their right to life, liberty, and their pursuit of happiness for their personal gain.

Victimized by the immoral

Most people will live their life and never meet another human similar to either party. For me, I became the victim of a criminal enterprise where encountering such personality traits became a daily occurrence. If you have not read my latest filing in Federal Court, you can do so here.. In a nutshell, my former employer, the Vanguard Group, belongs to a racketeering enterprise that use law enforcement as a protection racket. In the simplest terms, law enforcement illegally protects several corporations by retaliating against whistleblowers and other employees that bring legal action against their firms. If the officer is successful in getting the whistleblower to abandon their claims, they are financially compensated.

I became and continued to be the target of a private investigator not licensed to operate in the state of Arizona, a police officer in Maricopa County Arizona, and a prosecutor who is believed to be employed by the Attorney General’s office. All of whom continue to operate in the realm of the behaviors previously described. No lie has been too great, no crime too egregious, and no victim too small to harm if they got in the way of the men accomplishing their agenda to obtain their financial reward.

The Lies.

To cover their crimes, the officer, prosecutor, and investigator told members of the media and law enforcement that:

1. I am suffering from an opioid addiction. First, please note that I have never suffered from any form of addiction in the past or present. The accusation is not only implausible because I don’t take opioids, but basic evidence support my claims that the men are frauds. First, it is highly unlikely that an opioid addict would continue to bring attention to local law enforcement agencies such as the Scottsdale Police Department who failed to investigate reported crimes, nor would I continue to contact law enforcement agencies such as the FBI to report the ongoing crimes. It is also highly unlikely that someone ruled by an opioid addiction would dedicate time to document ongoing criminal acts through blogging. None of the men can produce a single witness that could confirm an addiction of any kind.

2. My complaints are the result of a mental illness causing “delusional and paranoid thoughts. For this lie, the men use ongoing force to obtain false testimony from my immediate family. Family members who are contacted by the media or law enforcement are coached into misrepresenting material facts, or blatantly providing false information to obstruct criminal investigations. I encourage trained law enforcement officials to look for signs of coerced testimony when questioning family members.

The most telling bit of evidence is the ongoing use of my sister, Antoinette Dehaney, to impede criminal investigations. Ms. Dehaney has been consistently used to impersonate me to members of the media and law enforcement. During her interactions, Ms. Dehaney acts mentally unstable by making bizarre comments about aliens and other odd topics to dissuade investigators from continuing their investigations. Due to the ongoing fraud involved, I have asked persons acting in an investigative capacity to communicate face to face with anyone claiming to be Aj James. I also continue to update the dates on previous post to show that I have not spoken with persons acting in an investigative capacity.

The crimes.

The crimes led by Schwartz have gradually become more violent overtime. The details of some crimes are too sensitive to discuss in details via the web. Schwartz and Therrien, who continue to reside in the townhome next to my home, pose an imminent threat to safety of My son and I. In general, the crimes that continue include burglary, theft, fraud, vandalism, and various assault efforts.

Maricopa County Police Officer operating under the name of Brian M. Schwartz.


Response to Vanguard’s Motion to Dismiss Plaintiff’s RICO Claim.

On September 5, 2017 the court granted my motion to extend the response time to Vanguard’s Motion to Dismiss my RICO claim. Motions to extend response times are common in RICO claims due to the complexity and broad nature of the statue. The response to Vanguard’s Motion to Dismiss was filed in Federal Court today. A copy of the response can be found here.




Consumer Fraud by the racketeering enterprise operating in Arizona.

Over the last two years, I’ve met several Whistleblowers and employees that filed complaints against their employers in Arizona; several of whom were subsequently defrauded by a racketeering enterprise operating in the valley. Even though the employees worked for different industries, they all described one aspect of a fraud scheme that began with a free offer from a local business. In the end, all the victims paid for a product which the company offered for free.

Despite the warnings from fellow whistleblowers, in or about July of 2015, I accepted a free IPAD Mini three during an in store visit to Sprint. Upon receiving the first bill, I was quickly reminded of the fraud scheme. I was disappointed to learn that the sales representative did not explain the monthly service charge required with accepting the free device. After numerous phone calls and countless hours, I was able to get the monthly service charge slightly reduced. I decided that obtaining anything more was not worth the time.

Unfortunately, deceptive sales practices and fraud were not the only crimes the enterprise had planned. The IPad, which was solely used to create and store documents in my case against the Vanguard Group at el, was stolen from my home less than two months after purchase. Having purchased insurance on the device, I made numerous attempts to file a claim with Sprints insurance provider, but each call was disconnected, and after a month, I accepted the loss and planned to include the incident in the lawsuit. Still, Schwartz, who was leading the efforts to cause financial harm, was not done. About seven months ago, I received a bill not only showing the monthly service charge, but Sprint had gone back retroactively and charged for the device itself. After numerous recorded phone calls, and empty promises from Sprint to have the charge removed, the charge remains on my monthly bill.

Failure to investigate crimes associated with the Enterprise.

Sprint is only one example of the fraud I’ve experienced with various businesses participating in the affairs of the enterprise. Other victims described being defrauded by brokers. What became clear to us all, is that regulators with jurisdiction to investigate consumer fraud, were either not responsive, or chose not to investigate. Our only path to justice, therefore, became the courts. Victims without the financial means to hire an attorney, or without the time or drive to seek recourse as a pro se litigants, are forced to bear the burden of their loss.

Leveraging the media

I believe the media is still one of the most powerful entities in existence. With the ability to reach the masses, they remain effective in ensuring transparency and accountability. Unfortunately, most whistleblowers that attempt to contact the media on their own are either blocked or discredited through false accusations.

Arizona Prosecutor attempts to block access to Arizona courts.

Arizona’s culture of racism by law enforcement officials.

Arizona is no stranger to law enforcement leaders in the highest offices violating the rights of minorities. The states former Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, was convicted of criminal contempt. For decades, the Sheriff targeted Latino’s solely based on the color of their skin. After receiving a court order to refrain from such illegal practices, Arpaio disobeyed. You can read additional information about Arpaio and his long list of Civil Rights violations here.

Law enforcement serving as a protection racket select for employers in the Valley.

If you have not had the opportunity to read the racketeering charge in my case pending in Federal court, you can do so here . In summary, after I reported Vanguard to various government bodies for illegal activities, I became the victim of organized crime. I later learned that the crimes, which continue today, are led by a police officer, private investigator, and prosecutor, that have used their roles to illegally protect Vanguard from financial loss. The crimes are carried out under the guise of an undercover investigation. The concept of  law enforcement using investigations for retaliatory purposes is not new. During Arpaio’s time in office, he was frequently accused of using investigations to retaliate against political opponents. In a 2015 contempt of court hearing, Arpaio testified that his Attormeys hired a private investigator to investigate the wife of the judge who ruled that he racially profiled Latinio’s. You can read additional information about Arpaio hiring a private investigator here. 

Illegal Attempts to obstruct litigation

The attempts by the prosecutor and police officer to prevent litigation against Vanguard began long before the case was filed in Federal Court. As the lawsuit indicates, early crimes involved burglary, hacking, theft, and the destruction of evidence. With the help of high-ranking elected officials, both men ensured that no investigation by the EEOC occurred. After a year with no opportunity to speak with the assigned investigator at the EEOC, I filed the lawsuit in Federal Court.

The men sabotaged early efforts made to obtain an Attorney by spreading defamatory rumors and engeing in various acts of fraud. The men interfered with request sent to the ACLU and the Government Accountability Project GAP). As a result, my initial complaint was filed without the help of an Attorney. I later sought the assistance of an Attorney through local civil rights activists. To understand my exerience without an Attorney in Federal court, you can refrence the case against Vanguard in which the Attorney sought an injunction against the court to cease retaliation. The request, which was filed in a Philadelphia Pennsylvania court, was granted. In the early stages of the case, the prosecutor/ police officer sought to retaliate through the courts by disgracefully instructing court employees to withhold information, or manipulate court dockets by switching documents. Thankfully, the assistance of an Attorney had stopped docket manipulation. The issue reappeared in a recent stipulation I filed for additional time to respond to Vanguard’s Motion to Dismiss my racketeering claim.

Motion for additional time to respond to Vanguard’s Motion to Dismiss the Racketeering charge.

On August 23, 2017, I filed a request for additional time to respond to Vanguard’s Motion to Dismiss my racketeering claim. Prior to filing, I obtained approval from Vanguard’s Attorney. Where both parties agree, the request is usually granted. Even if both parties did not agree, due to the complex nature of racketeering claims, and the research required, the request for additional time to respond is usually granted. Request for additional time by Vanguard’s Attorney is typically approved by the following day. The due date for my response to Vanguard’s Motion to Dismiss is September 1, 2017, to date, Judge had not ruled on the request for additional time, so I decided to review the filed stipulation. In doing so, I noticed that the order I filed with the court was replaced with an older/  unedited version. Again, my experience with fraud upon the court is nothing new. I refiled the original Motion for Additional time today and  will contact the court later today. You can view a copy Stipulation to extend time to respond to Vanguard’s Motion to Dismiss Rico


The former Police Officer/ Private Investigator involved in my case


The Police Officer involved in my case


The identity of the prosector in my case is unknown at this time, however pre-discovery information indicate that he works for the Attorney General’s Office.

*Due to the level of fraud involved in my case, members of law enforcement outside of Arizona, and members of the media seeking additional information about my claims should conduct face to face interviews to obtain additional information only. Through blackmail, the men continue to use a family member to impersonate me to derail investigations.  As of today, October 11, 2017, I have not spoken to members of the media or regulatory bodies to provide additional information about the allegations within my blog.

Arizona Prosecutor and Police Officer fabricate false claims to conceal public corruption.


Officer Brian M. Schwartz and former Officer Brian T. Therrien are fraudsters that have acted corruptly and engaged in ongoing organized crime under the guise of an undercover investigation at the expense of taxpayers. Their ongoing crimes include but not limited to bribery, blackmail, coercion, burglary, vandalism, assault, fraud, and theft. Both men are working with a prosecutor whose name and law enforcement affiliation is unknown at this time. However, prediscovery information suggests that he is employed by the Attorney General’s Office. The men belong to a broader government racketeering enterprise that operates secretly on behalf of corporations.

The Ethical standards of a law enforcement officer

Since the beginning of time, the ethical and moral standards of individuals have varied based on numerous factors such as home environment and religion. Regardless of a persons background, certain professions require employees to take an oath to uphold the law, and operate ethically in their business. Members of law enforcement are required to operate ethically at all times, and failure to do so can have devastating consequences on public safety.

The dangers of a corrupt prosecutor

The most empowered person in law enforcement and the Judicial system is the prosecutor. With the ability to take a persons freedom, there is no room for this individual to act unethically. Over the last two years, I’ve witnessed a prosecutor engage in egregious legal abuse at the expense of taxpayers for personal financial gain.

After going public with allegations that my former employer, the Vanguard Group, used law enforcement to retaliate against employees that report the firm for serious misconduct, the prosecutor, and officer Schwartz, sought to use the court to discredit my claims. Using a combination of blackmail, and bribery at the expense of taxpayers, the men solicited family members to circulate a fabricated narrative to make it appear real. Specifically, the men solicited my sister, Antonette Dehaney, and ex-husband, Marvin James, to play the role of “Informants.”As informants, they were required to circulate false narratives, file fraudulent claims, and participate in any retaliatory efforts as instructed.

The fabricated narrative to conceal public corruption and organized crime

To discredit my claims, the men fabricated and communicated the following false narratives to regulatory bodies and members of the media:

1. I was described as a drug addict hooked on opioids whose life is spiraling out of control. It’s important to note that I don’t take opioids. Beyond a car accident in or about 2010, I have never taken the drug for a prolonged period of time. If Mr. Schwartz and Mr. Therrien were conducting a legitimate investigation, they would have already received more than enough exculpatory evidence to know that claims of drug addiction of any kind are false. It is also highly unlikely that an addict would continue to contact law enforcement for assistance.

2. I suffer from mental illness and suddenly became delusional and paranoid on the day that I went public with the allegations against my former employer. It’s important to note that I have never suffered from a mental illness that’s caused me to be delusional or paranoid. To continue this false claim, the men continue to obstruct communications with the media and regulatory bodies.

Fraud to support fabricated narrative

On the day that I went public on social media with the allegations against Vanguard, Ms. Dehaney was instructed to file false claims that I had suddenly become dangerous and suicidal. Ms. Dehaney filed the claims at Mr. James’s place of employment, where involuntary psychiatric evaluations are conducted. It’s important to note that Ms. Dehaney and I had not seen each other in months, making it implausible for her to observe that I was a danger to myself or the public. It is also important to note that Ms. Dehaney fraudulently signed our parent’s name to the document. The following day, Mr. James filed documents in family court requesting custody of our son. The filing was based on the claim made by my sister, which Mr. James knew was false. The prosecutor and officer reassured them there would be no consequences for their actions. Mr. James request for custody was denied as his claims were proven to be false through physical evidence. The purpose of Mr. James request to modify custody was not to prevail, but to pervert the court by using it to create and support a fraudulent narrative. The repercussions that the false claims would have on a child did not matter. Regardless of the harm the repeated filing of frivolous modifications has on my son, the prosecutor has threatened to bring charges against my ex-husband if he does not continue to assist in retaliatory efforts. The filings are a direct form of retaliation for exposing corruption, fraud, waste, and abuse by state officials. The request for modifications are always filed when a response to my lawsuit against the Vanguard Group in due in court. You can read the details in the RICO portion of my lawsuit here.

The men continue to use Ms. Dehaney, and Mr. James in their ongoing fraud scheme to obstruct criminal investigations and media inquiries. Ms. Dehaney was instructed to impersonate me to members of the media and regulatory bodies. During such interactions, Ms. Dehaney acted bizarre and mentally unstable to dissuade investigators from moving forward with their inquiries.

Mr. James continues to make false claims regarding our son, the request for modification for custody are always filed when a response to my lawsuit against the Vanguard Group in due in court. My teenage son informed me that Mr James was taking photos of his head, now that a response is due in my case against Vanguard, we can expect his claims to involve his photos.

Additional information about the men’s exploitation of my family of immigrants can be found here.

It should be alarming to members of the public, the media, and government bodies that regulate law enforcement that both men continue in their role in law enforcement.

Standard disclosure:

As of today October 16, 2017, I have not had the opportunity to speak with members of the media or regulatory bodies such as the FBI about the allegations against the prosecutor, Mr. Schwartz and Mr. Therrien. Even though the crimes are led by a police Officer,a private investigator not license in the state of Arizona, and a prosecutor, the Attorney General sent a letter stating that they do not investigate the police. You can find the letter here. Despite numerous calls to the AG’s office, I did not have the opportunity to speak with an investigator. You can listen to the phone calls here.

Due to the fraud involved in my case, persons seeking to speak with me to obtain additional information about the allegations in my blog should conduct face to face communications only.

*Photo of Former Police Officer/Private Investigator Brian  Therrien who continues to engage in crimes such as assault and Vandalism.